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-Michael Donnely
Founder of Automated Cash Network
and Online Marketer

I'm going to hand you a 100% COMPLETE, profitable and fanatically tested sales funnel on a silver platter with nearly EVERYTHING done for you and ready to start making you money. If you're super fast - All will be sent INCREDIBLY CHEAP to you today! Why? Please continue reading...

What This Is Not About:

  • NOT Affiliate Marketing
  • NOT Blogging
  • NOT Product Creation
  • NOT Surveys
  • NOT Selling Software
  • NOT Article Writing
  • NOT Facebook Ads
  • NOT Copywriting
  • NOT Video Marketing

*Amazed? Hold on for a few minutes. I'll reveal everything about how this is done...


From: Michael Donnely
To: Any struggling internet marketer looking for some answers...

Dear Internet Marketer,

Have you ever wondered why making $1,000's of dollars a week and living the internet dream life seems like child's play for the 'GURUS' but probably not for you?

Are they extremely lucky?

Do they have a secret talent they are born with?

Maybe they just know 'the right people', right? NO, no... and no again to these questions! And I'll prove it to you just in a second...

Hi, it's Michael Donnely here and I want to share an 'alarmingly important' message with you today.

Listen: I know precisely what you're thinking in your mind at this moment. You're thinking: "Isn't this the most hyped up piece of crap I've ever seen?"

Yes, I agree that it probably triggers some pictures in your mind - 'push-button' software, SCAM or a big lie - but I promise you that it is not the case here.

Please continue reading to find out more...

"Here's My Boring Little Internet
Marketing Story ..."

Look, it's not my fault that you've been conditioned for months... or even YEARS to see all sorts of 'get-rich-quick' schemes that just don't work!

I should know that they don't work because I've tried TONS of 'push button' software which claimed to make me rich OVERNIGHT (didn't happen for me, sadly).

Therefore, it's extremely hard for anyone to promote this kind of stuff... just because people automatically view it as a big SCAM.

Why am I qualified to even talk to you about this?

Because I understand your problems, I can feel your deep pain and I know your impatience for seeing results - as fast as possible!

So I started out just like you. I was searching for the fastest, easiest and most popular solution to make me rich. I'm sure that's how 99.5% of us started out, right?

"In Reality, There Was NOTHING That Could
Deliver What I Was Hoping For."

It was terrible!

This process continued for weeks, then months and then years for me. But I had to make an end to it.

Frankly, I started to become very furious and tired of all that nonsense searching... all that waiting and time-wasting.

At one moment - I really, really just wanted to quit and forget about this 'internet marketing' crap forever. Just erase it from my memory! Didn't work for me.

Whenever I felt a stronger urge to quit I took a few deep breaths, straightened my back and continued working towards my big goal - making money!

I mean, there just had to be a solution for this, right? A lot of people are living proof of earning TONS of cash just with the help of their computer and an internet connection.

----> Yes, there actually is, but please let me first finish my story.

After nearly spending all of my money savings on zero-value software and other completely worthless 'get-rich-quick' ebooks... a wonderful day came in my life.

It finally CLICKED in my mind. I understood it!

Only a matter of "sooner or later" when I would be making TONS of money.

"When The Big 'AHA' Moment
Came In My Life..."

Let me ask you: Can you remember a time in your life when you felt that strange feeling and questioned: "Isn't it AMAZING how simple this actually is"?


Of course, you've experienced that multiple times. We all have. But it makes it even funnier. But here's what I mean...

You see, my friend, I discovered a REAL solution to all of my money problems. FOREVER. As long as I want it.

What's exactly the solution that's making up to $7,245.00 a day?

Okay, I'll reveal to you the system I used to generate that kind of money. But I'll tell you right up front that it all started with much smaller numbers.

See, before I was able to produce $1,000's of dollars in a single day I started out small... like $100, $300 and $500 a day!

But don't let that discourage you now. Here's why...

Since the beginning, I've worked super HARD to perfect my system. To make it as easy as possible. Not only so that I can use it... but also others!

This is what I want to share with you today.

"Fantastic! But You DON'T Believe Me. So How Will
This Flood Your Bank Account With Cash
Like A Tsunami?"

How does this work?

Now let me tell you a bit more about how this system works. I don't want you to think this is a scam or whatever.

By the way, if you're still a little skeptical about the big ($7,245.00 a day) number that's not a problem at all. See, I can immediately prove it to you (unlike some other 'gurus').

Here's the proof:

*this is money I made on April 1st, 2013.

Do you believe me now?

Yes, I think so. But don't be that fool who says this is edited with Photoshop. It absolutely isn't. I couldn't care less about learning that complex software or even hiring someone.

And get this: If from this point on you have the slightest doubt that it's possible to make up to $7,245.00 a day, I want you to close this page immediately!

I don't want any nonbelievers continue reading what I have to share. This is for serious people only! People who really plan to make $$$.

Additionally, here's my conversion rate:

*those are a freakin' 2,300 leads from 15,012 clicks (date is April 3rd).

You can do the math yourself but if you're extra lazy I can help you. Basically, when I divide the number of clicks with the conversions I get a staggering 6,53% conversion rate.

That's a super amazing conversion rate! Especially, if you take into consideration the fact that the industry average is only 1% - 2%.

But you know what's the best part?

I don't have to worry about anything. Almost EVERYTHING is completely automated. This system does all the boring work for you.

You just sit back and relax!

"Now, Imagine How DRAMATICALLY You
Could Improve Your Future Life If
You Had Such Money!"

Why not dream together for a second?

Imagine how much more power you'd gain if you had access to $7,245.00 a day! I bet you $100 bucks that your mouth is already watering.

In fact, let's think for a moment about what would become possible:

Dream of relaxing with your loved wife or girlfriend on a sunny beach?

Dream of buying your first luxury car?

Dream of buying you and your family a dream home?

But, even if you start out making only $100 dollars a day, you end up with $3,000 a month. Isn't that cool?

With that amount of money you certainly cannot buy that dream house in the picture above but you can buy a vacation. You can buy an expensive meal. You can also buy jewelry!

Anyway, that's a great start, but sky is the only limit when talking about the kind of money you can make with my system

It's your choice how to best spend your earned profit.

Let's move on...

"Okay, Let Me Now Give You A Sneak Peek Of
How Exactly This System Works."

I've spent approximately the last 7 months intensively fine-tuning my money making system. Been running hundreds of tests and made different improvements.

Certainly took me quite a while but it was WORTH IT!

Now I've reached the point when you can truly call it 'an automated system'.

So how does it work? Well, the cornerstone of my big online success is that I've managed to develop an ultra-effective complete sales funnel for myself.

But it can be copied by anyone else who wants. And it will work just as fine for you.

What you don't need:

  • You DON'T need any experience
  • You DON'T need to know 'the right people'
  • You DON'T need to be an expert
  • You DON'T need to make a big investment
  • You DON'T need any creativity
  • You DON'T need to be a certain age
  • You DON'T need to learn how to program

You may ask: "Okay, but what do I need then?"

It's simple. The only thing you need is to get my system, set it up how I'll teach you and then see money coming in. That's it.

I know, I know. You still have a vague picture in your mind of what I'm talking about here. You see, but I cannot give it all away on this page.

The secret is too important for me (and my future students) to show it for FREE.

But I can definitely give you a few more essential details.

Ready for it?

Okay, let me announce my powerful system...

Introducing Automated Cash Network™…
Mind-Blowing Online Profits At Your Disposal!

PICTURE (of product)

Now I'd like to explain to you in a little more detail how exactly Automated Cash Network├┤ works.

As I said, it's a 100% complete sales funnel. Once everything is set up correctly, it runs almost on autopilot.

After signing up for Automated Cash Network™, you'll receive access to a special membership type of website.

Please look below at what you'll get...

Inside Automated Cash Network™, You'll Discover:

  • Element #1 - 15 Custom Landing Pages:
    A one page website with an opt in box so prospects can put in their email address to receive your free info from you. (Value $497)
  • Element #2 - Email Magnet:
    Free report or eBook designed to entice prospects to enter their email to receive free information from you. (Value $397)
  • Element #3 - Sales Funnel:
    A process designed to take free information seekers and turn them into paying customers. (Value PRICELESS)
  • Element #4 - Email Series:
    Create a 20 day email follow up series. The first 7 days are Profit emails. Next 13 days build a relationship + profit emails. (Priceless)
  • Element #5 - A One-on-One 30 Minute Live Coaching Session:
    Private call with a successful internet marketer. They will design a plan of action for you. (Value $97)
  • ...and much, Much More!

You may be asking yourself now...

"Is This Going To Cost

Ask yourself this question: How much would you pay if somebody FINALLY taught you the exact steps to making from $2,000 a month, to $5,000 and even $15,000 a month?

Would that change your life?

Honestly, this is the kind of money that people only dream about. But YOU will become one of us - the elite internet marketers.

I'll tell you. You're only limited by your own beliefs how much it's possible to make. God knows that sky is the only limit.

So how much does access to Automated Cash Network├┤ cost?

It's really funny. Why?

Because we could sell this 'underground' information (only the top players know) easily for $197 dollars! It's worth much more than that.

Remember, it made me $7,245.00 in a single day.

So it won't cost you $197... and not even $97!

Yes, we may be a little crazy but we would like to offer you a deal you cannot refuse. The amazing Automated Cash Network™ money making system can be yours today for only $27.00!

That's an amazing offer right there. Couldn't make it better than that.

But if you're still a bit unsure about investing in my system I've already solved that problem for you.

You're not risking a single penny out of your pocket...

You Can "Test Drive" Automated Cash Network
For A Full 60 Days Risk Free!

It works like this: You can "test drive" the Automated Cash Network™ system for two full months.

If after the 60-day period you're not 100% satisfied and happily already making some decent money with your new money making skills, then I don't deserve your money.

Simply let me know that you'd like a refund and your money will be promptly returned - every cent of it!

But I'm more than confident you won't need to use this option. You'll LOVE this proven system.

Here's your next step: Order access to the Automated Cash Network™ members' area right now. There's no risk. Test it, use it and evaluate it. Then decide about it.

One-on-One Coaching Sessions
Are Extremely Limited!

Look: I can handle only so many new coaching students. Therefore, the number of sessions is very, very limited!

Of course, we also have other team members who can teach you the steps in a coaching session. Not only me.

But their time is limited too.

So don't hesitate for a minute longer. You MUST order access to Automated Cash Network™ right now! This very minute.

You are risking the success of your whole future life! Do you want that dream vacation? And how about the dream car and the dream house?

Again, imagine the wonderful things you could have if you just listened to us now. Get this system immediately. It will change your life forever!

Press that "Order" button below. Do it right now!

You will be GREATLY thankful for it.

Order Automated Cash Network™ Today!
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M. Donnely

Michael Donnely
Creator, Automated Cash Network

P.S. Remember, you aren't risking even a single penny! Just order the system today -- go through everything and TEST DRIVE the amazing Automated Cash Network members only area for a full 60 days, without risk... and then decide whether it's worth the price.

How can you hesitate even a second, knowing that a steady, predictable stream of income is ALMOST yours... waiting for you to grab it!

P.P.S. Order Automated Cash Network today. Do it now! And then you can thank me later for getting access to such SUPERB life-changing information.

*There are no guarantees regarding income and the success or failure of each participant and, like any other business, depends upon each participations own skills, dedication, training, personal effort, and market conditions. The results discussed reflect and the results of the particular participant, and are a typical and anecdotal only. This is not a application for a job. These examples are not necessarily typical or average nor do they represent a guarantee of your personal results. Some are those of persons within the top 1% of all people who use this system. As with any business opportunity, success depends largely on the individual distributor's skills, motivation and effort. Please contact the advertiser with any questions regarding earnings claims made herein.

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